Dog Names (or Fertilizer Is Highly Overrated) – Part 2

Volume 14-1.1
January  4, 2014

Oreo Blizzard

Baby Oreo with his soulful look.  Photo credit:  Sandra Bell Kirchman

Baby Oreo with his soulful look. Photo credit: Sandra Bell Kirchman

Oreo didn’t come to us until he was six months old.  Thus he had already been registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.  His official name is Rhosymedre’s Oreo Blizzard out of Sorensen Tannis at Rhosymedre by Puppiesinabox Harley Davis Son (USA). We were offered the choice of changing his name when we got him, but we decided not to.  After six months, he was used to his name, which would be the only thing he would have that would be familiar to him.

His looks reveal the reason for the name.  He has a dark face, plush wavy hair of light brown and gray, and patches of white throughout.  It’s also fun to say, “ Ohhhh-reeee-ohhhh.”  Oreo answers to his nicknames of Buddy, Fat Boy (I try to discourage the use of this one), Da Man (who is in charge of Da Wimmins – sometimes I don’t understand men), Cuddles, and Baby.

Tilly Tot

Finally, we come to our elderly rescue shih tzu.  Well, we don’t know for sure that she is a purebred shih tzu.  However, we strongly suspect that she was used for breeding, and usually these dogs are purebred.  Our neighbour across the street found this dog in desperate circumstances.  He brought her to us because he knew we had shih tzus.  If ever a dog needed rescue, it was this one.

Tilly Tot daytripping (with her human "sister"). Photo credit: Laurie M. Hamilton

Tilly Tot daytripping (with her human “sister”). Photo credit: Laurie M. Hamilton

Tilly is a little blond, with the sweetest face you’ve ever seen.  She has enough courage to attack three lions if necessary, and yet is quiet and grateful and loving.

Why did I name her Tilly Tot?  This is where I get to eat crow (see Part 1).  Contrary to what I said at the beginning, I wasn’t thinking of Tilly’s probable blue-blooded ancestry, but rather how sweet she was and how small, much smaller than the other two.  The name Tilly Tot popped into my mind.  I didn’t question it, just tried it on her.  She seemed okay with it, so Tilly Tot it was, along with nicknames of Tiddlywinks, Little Snot (Ernest’s contribution), Little Girl, Sweetheart, and Baby.

All three are named Baby, you exclaim?  Yup.  When I need to differentiate, I’ll say Baby Ling Ling or Baby Oreo or Baby Tilly.  But if I’m just talking to one of them, I’ll usually say Baby.  All three of them seem content with this arrangement.

And finally, the piece de resistance, their nicknames as a group.  No, we don’t call them the shih tzu imperials or the royal household.  Because of Ernest, we have wound up calling them “the rodents,” or “the muttlies.”  I think the last one is such a cute term.  But again, I’m eating crow.

And if you ever happen to mention gypsies to the muttlies, don’t be surprised at the alarmed look on their little faces.  No, no, gypsies aren’t bad guys.  But when LingLing was little and got too rambunctious, we would let her know that we could phone the gypsies to come and get her.

Just recently, Ernest warned the three of them that we still had the gypsies on speed dial.  They  quietened down immediately.

(See last week’s post:  Dog Names – Part 1

(Next week watch for Eating Habits of a Princess)

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