Chow Down – Eating Habits of a Princess

Volume 14-1.3
January 11, 2014

Eating Habits of a Princess

In Dog Names, Part 1 and Part 2, I introduced you to our Shih Tzus, Ling Ling, Oreo, and Tilly, and how they got their names.  Now we’re on to the various eating habits.  As the name indicates, this one is about the Princess.

Ling Ling - the Princess pose.  Photo credit: Sandra Bell Kirchman

Ling Ling – the Princess pose. Photo credit: Sandra Bell Kirchman

A Brief Tale of the Royal Background

Now, Ling Ling was our first “baby” (don’t let the Dog Whisperer know I said that).  But truly she was.  I am now older than dirt, and my somewhat younger hubby is simply not interested in having children.  We both love dogs, however, and he especially loves Shih Tzus.  So, it was true that she was our first baby.

We were allowed to see her when she was one day old.  There’s something completely touching about a 6’4”, 275 lb. man who has melted at the sight and feel of a tiny puppy blindly curled in the palm of his hand.  I mean, it was a complete meltdown.

I believe that Ling Ling remembered that shower of love she received barely 24 hours after she was born.  And she liked it.  Thus, when we brought her home, her attitude accused us with “what took you guys so long to come and get me?”  She has blindly adored Ernest ever since.

Doing the Right Thing

So when it came to feeding her, I wanted to do the right thing.  I have two grown human children, so I know about babies, but I don’t know that much about dog babies.  I was as nervous as a new mother.  We got her these adorable, stainless steel dishes (sanitary and durable), Shih Tzu-sized, and fed her softened, mashed kibble of the best quality, and little bits of boiled rice or skinless chicken.  She seemed to like it all right, but simply could not be persuaded to eat or drink water.

Beautiful stainless steel dog dish - very sanitary, very rattly.

Beautiful stainless steel dog dish – very sanitary, very rattly.

Monsters in the Kitchen

Okay, what was wrong with our little dog?  It took a while, but I finally figured it out.  She was afraid of her shiny bright new dishes that rattled evilly on the marble-tiled floor in the kitchen.  By the time I had the answer, she was so terrified of them that she wouldn’t even eat from them if I put them on the carpet.  So, to avoid her wasting away entirely, I caved and put her meal on an ordinary china saucer…on the carpet.  She ate like she was starving.  It didn’t take her long to plump out again.  However, she has been afraid of rattling dishes ever since.


So, if your dog isn’t eating, try to figure out what’s wrong.  He may not like the food.  He may be afraid of something in the kitchen or the spot where you feed him.  If you brought home an older dog, something about your feeding system may go against previous training.  Of course, don’t delay taking him to the vet.  But a little brain work might clear things up.

 (Next week watch for “Chow Down – the Oreo Gobble – Part 1”)

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