Tilly Tot’s Story – Part II

Last week, I wrote about my interlude with Corky (here), which explains why I was very much against taking in another stray dog.  When Tilly Tot came along, well, there were problems…

Enter Tilly Tot, Stage Left

Our neighbour across the way had found a little blonde female dog that he thought might be a Shih Tzu.  He knew we had Shih Tzus and brought the dog over to us.  Ernest saw him coming and went to the door to greet him.  I didn’t go.  No more dogs, thank you very much.

Tilly in better, brighter days.  Photo credit: Sandra Bell Kirchman

Tilly Tot. Photo credit: Sandra Bell Kirchman


After a few minutes, Ernest came back and told me the story.  Joe (the neighbour) had found the little dog on his lawn just lying there.  She lay for the longest time and seemed to be reluctant to get up and walk.  Joe tried to interest her in food and water, but she would take either.  Finally, he decided to bring her over to us.

Ernest noticed she was either injured or sick the way she walked.  Every so often she would try to pee, but nothing happened.  She was dirty, with matted hair, and had what Ernest called “an oh-dah.”  Usually that made me laugh, but not this time.

“Well, where is she?” I demanded.

He affected a fake look of surprise.  “Why, you said no more dogs, so I sent her back with Joe.”

“Oh, no!”  I put my hands on my hips.  “You better go right back after him and bring that little dog here.  She needs help.”  Ernest smiled with the smuggest look I’d ever seen on his face and trotted over to Joe’s.

Trying Not to Fall in Love with Tilly

He came back with the little girl cradled in his arm.  A glance was all I needed to confirm that she was in serious trouble.  It was Sunday, so the only thing we could do was make her comfortable until we could get her to the vet the following day.  Ernest managed to convince her to drink a little bit of water.

Tilly Tot, in better, brighter days.  Photo credit: Sandra Bell Kirchman.

Tilly Tot, in better, brighter days. Photo credit: Sandra Bell Kirchman.

We took her outside and I almost cried, watching her strain to urinate.  She tottered a few steps, slowly and painfully squatted, then stood and walked a little more, rinse and repeat.  Finally, she lay down, exhausted.

The Verdict

The next day, Ernest was called away for an urgent job, so my friend Helen drove me and Tilly to Dr. Kent Weir, at Prairie East Veterinary Clinic, who is the vet for the other two dogs.  The verdict was not promising.  After the x-rays and blood tests, Dr. Weir gave his finding: bladder stones…lots of them.  He showed us x-ray pictures displaying three or so largish lumps in the bladder to back up his diagnosis and recommended surgery as soon as possible.

If the stones were left there, he told us, they would eventually abrade the inside of the bladder, her bladder would fail, and she would die a slow, agonizing death.  He thought she was strong enough to withstand the operation, and we set the date in three days for the surgery.

Next week will be the conclusion of Tilly Tot’s story and what happened after surgery.  You’ll also get to see some amazing pictures of the surgery results (nothing gruesome, though ;)).

Have you ever experienced having a pet need urgent veterinary attention?
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 (Next week watch for Part 3 of “Tilly Tot’s Story”)


Text and photos (except where otherwise indicated)
are copyright © 2013 by Sandra Bell Kirchman.
All rights reserved. (Volume 14-4.1 – April 5, 2014)

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  1. Poor Tilly! Anxious to hear the happy ending! We have a 24-hour emergency animal hospital locally so that is where I would go if there was an emergency. Thankfully, I only had to use it once a long time ago as it’s very expensive.


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