The Many Colours of Doggy Love – Part 2

Last week we talked about the varied colours of dogs and how these colours might relate to personality traits.  I specifically referred to shih tzus, starting out with Ling Ling, since those are the dogs I know best, but I bet some of the comments in this mini-series will refer to your dog, no matter what the breed. (See last week’s column here.) Or it could be that I’m all wet, having lost my capability to think clearly.  You could help confirm or deny that with your comments below on what your dog’s coat colours are and what your dog’s temperament is like…please?


Here we have Oreo, our one male dog, a purebred like Ling Ling, 6 years old.   His colouring is two-tone brown (beige and darker brown) with a black face.  I picked him from a breeder’s pictures online because he looked gentle and cuddly.

Dapper Dog Oreo. (Photo credit:  Sandra Bell Kirchman)

Dapper Dog Oreo. (Photo credit: Sandra Bell Kirchman)

  • gentle and cuddly (can I pick ‘em or what?)
  • stubborn, sometimes mulishly so (maybe this is just a shih tzu trait, rather than a colour one?)
  • demands a lot of attention, sometimes just petting and being told he is a good boy, sometimes lengthy cuddling
  • always wants to be first or the centre of attention
  • very affectionate
  • a great foot licker (if you like that sort of thing, which I do)
  • very healing – he would be a good dog to have in a care home or hospital
  • quite intelligent, but deaf when he wants to be
  • dislikes car rides intensely, likes being at home, not a runner
  • had little or no interest in toys before age 5
  • protective of Mommy, Daddy, and the two little females to a very responsible degree
  • wary of strangers
  • understanding to a certain extent – he is the leader of our pack but lets Ling Ling think she is, until it’s a matter of concern or desire on his part – then he puts his paw down
  • not much of a backyard dog, but likes being outside better in winter

Brown, black and white Shih-Tzu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you all will please put your observations down in the comments below, perhaps we (meaning I) can set up some kind of comparison, and see how many points match and how many don’t.  Yes, this is in the nature of an experiment, but we aren’t exactly dealing with rocket science either.  It will be fun to see the results next week.

We would really love it if you would add your
dog’s information so we can compare comments
and make this  a little more scientific.
If you would like to share, please just
enter a comment at the bottom of this post
where it obligingly says, “Leave a Comment.”

  (Next week watch for Tilly Tot in The Many Colours of Doggy Love – Part 3)

 Text and photos (except where otherwise indicated)
are copyright © 2013 by Sandra Bell Kirchman.
All rights reserved. (Volume 14-6.2, June 29, 2014)



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