CARING FOR OTHERS’ PETS TEMPORARILY – Part 3 (or Alice Makes A Sweet Angel)

In Part 1 of “Caring for Others’ Pets Temporarily,” we followed the true story of how Devil Child and Alice came to be born and why a male kitten was saddled with a girl’s name.  In retrospect, I realize I could have named him all kinds of things that rhymed with the word that should not be spoken—Callous, Malice, Palace, Halas (for EverQuest players), chalice—just an endless supply of them.  At the time, it was an emergency, and Alice was all I could think of.

In Part 2 of the column, when Alice joined Devil Child and me, we found out about how kittens love to play with whatever is at hand, how I lovingly bonded with Alice, how some things are just too dangerous to play with, and how, one night, the two kittens didn’t return as they always had before.  We saw how Devil Child came home a few days later, half dead and covered in tar from a pit near a construction site some blocks away.  Alice did not come back…or did she?

In this part, I describe what happened to me following the disappearance of Alice.  Everyone has the right to their own beliefs.  Let me say that this did actually happen to me; however, I warmly invite you to draw your own conclusions.


Alice watching Devil Child.  (Photo credit:

Alice watching Devil Child. (Photo credit: dan |

Mourning for Alice 

In Part 2, I mentioned about how Alice and I seemed to bond naturally, as if we were kindred souls.  Every night, he would walk from the window, around the pony wall ledge, across the top of the hanging cabinets in the kitchen, and jump down onto my lap.  He always landed with a good thump…by this time, he had grown into a sturdy teenaged cat.  We would then have our little bonding time before he retired to his kitty bed with Devil Child.

I treasured these moments of closeness with Alice.  He seemed to be such an evolved cat, despite his kittenhood pranks with his little partner in crime.  Every night after he went missing, I mourned his passing, for, by now, I was convinced he had perished in the tar pit and had travelled on to the Rainbow Bridge.  Surprisingly, without our little nighttime ritual, I felt lost…incomplete…and the feeling didn’t go away.


"Of course it's me! Who'd ya think?" (Photo credit:

“Of course it’s me! Who’d ya think?” (Photo credit: dan |

Alice?  Is That You, Alice?

With supper finished, I was sitting in my chair, intending to read a book.  But I was distracted, still thinking about Alice.  Those evenings without him were dreary, but even worse than missing him was the uncertainty.  Suppose Alice were alive and suffering dreadfully somewhere close by and I hadn’t found him in my multitude of searches.  What if some mean kids had found him and were amusing themselves by…  I shut my eyes, unable to contemplate the horror that might even now be happening.

Then I heard a noise and looked towards the sound.  The curtain partially covering the open window billowed slightly over the pony wall.  It was just the wind, I told myself, and tried to go back to my musings.  However, at that moment I thought I caught sight of some movement out of the corner of my eye.  I looked back at the window again.


Alice Made a Sweet Angel


Alice made a sweet angel. (Photo credit:, Ancestor of Light)

I couldn’t SEE anything, but I felt a distinctive stomach lurch…familiar, because it was the way I always felt when Alice was walking around the pony wall ledge, on his way to say goodnight to me.  I could practically see him and follow his progress step by gliding step along the ledge, then the pause when he appeared like he jumped up on the hanging cabinets, around the kitchen and over the end of them, down onto the pony ledge on the other side of the kitchen.  I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.  Surely, it wasn’t the precious…OOF!  A heavy familiar pressure landed in my lap, the exact weight and feel of Alice.

I sat there, stunned, not sure what to think, then I felt a vibration against my arms (could that be purring?), and a soothing energy filled my mind.  I didn’t listen…I just sat there and absorbed the feeling.  However, thoughts filled my mind anyhow.  Alice, for by now I was certain he had come back to reassure me, told me he was okay, that he was in a special place and that he was having a wonderful time.  He would wait for me, he said, until we could be together again.  In the meantime, I mustn’t grieve, for it was wasted and not good for me anymore.

Then the pressure lifted and I felt the energy leave my lap, move back up on the pony wall ledge, around to the near side of the window, and gone.  I waited to see if it came back, pondering the message and marvelling at how wonderful I felt.  I never sensed that energy again, no more invisible walks around the pony wall, but I also never mourned Alice again either.


When Joey Came Back, It Was Okay

Joey returned from sowing his wild oats on the Continent.  He was, at first, somewhat distraught to find that his cat had gone missing.  Then I told him how Alice and I had bonded and the final episode to the story.  He was amazed and delighted, and hugged me for telling him the story in such detail.

From that night on, for many years, I took the time every night to do a little bonding with myself, meditating on my daily life and the wonderful things that had happened in it.


 Reincarnation is a perplexing issue.  Do we believe it or not?
 We’d love to hear your thoughts and any experiences
you might have had with the subject.
Just insert your story in the comments section below.

 (Next week watch for a pictorial of the three holy terrors…and friends)

Text copyrighted © 2013
by Sandra Bell Kirchman.
Photos copyrighted © as
marked. All rights reserved.
(Vol. 14.10-1, Oct. 5, 2014)

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