There’s a Dog on the Roof!

"Not another animal abuse story!" (Photo credit:

“Not another animal abuse story!” (Photo credit: FrameAngel |

All too often we animal lovers are bombarded with stories and images of animal cruelty and abuse. Sometimes I find it heart-breaking to wade through this stuff. I know it’s necessary to keep informed and aware of what’s going on in our communities, but there are times when it’s all just too much.  That’s why finding a story like this resonates with a happy heart.

Apparently, Isis, a rottweiler-doberman mix, was inadvertently abandoned in a house, with the owner claiming he thought she had either run away or been stolen by the people who broke into his home in Yorkton, Ohio. The dog had made her way to the attic and thence through a weak part of the ceiling to land on the roof. There she cowered for three days, without food and water, before someone happened to look up and discover her. What happened next was wonderful.

(Reported on YouTube by KHON2 news, Hawaii.  First published on 11/9/14 by WKBN/CNN.)

I loved this story. However, I do wonder why she didn’t bark. Any ideas? (The news story didn’t say.)

NOTE:  I am hoping to have the Overcoming Grief story next week. We’ll see. In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR for a furry wonderful 2015.

UPDATE to the above story:  The dog has been renamed “Roofie” and adopted by one of the firefighters who rescued her. Click here for the full story from WKBN.



  1. Such a happy ending for the dog being adopted by one of the Firefighters who rescued her. It is strange why she didn’t bark though, she would have been noticed sooner.
    We hear of so much cruelty and abuse to animals and it’s heartbreaking; we know it goes on but sometimes it just gets too much, so it was good to see this lovely story with a happy ending for this beautiful dog.


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