There’s A Dog on the Bus!

Seattle Great Wheel (Photo Credit:

Seattle Great Wheel with the Seattle Space Needle and the downtown waterfront in the background.  (Photo Credit:

Seattle, Washington is known for many interesting and fun sites and sights. Counted among its popular attractions are the elegant Space Needle, the venerable, year-round, farmer’s market at Pike Place Market, the downtown waterfront encompassing the Seattle Great Wheel (ferris wheel ride) and the Seattle Aquarium.

The splendors in this city are too numerous to mention here, which actually isn’t a post about Seattle. Instead, we’re showcasing one of the city’s lesser known mobile landmarks, an unusual but regular passenger on the Seattle Downtown Center bus. She travels sometimes alone and sometimes with her owner. Before you get the idea that we’re talking slavery here, relax and gaze upon the local sweetheart of downtown Seattle. We’re talking about Eclipse, a bus-riding dog, who has won the hearts of the transit vehicle’s passengers

The black, two-year-old, lab-bull mastiff mix hops onto the bus at the stop outside her home, travels three stops and gets off at the dog park. She even knows which is her stop and waits at the door of the bus for the driver to let her off. Most times, she is accompanied by her owner, Jeff Young, who calls Eclipse “an urbanized dog…a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking” pooch. Sometimes, if Jeff has not finished his cigarette by the time the bus comes, Eclipse boards the bus without him, ambles amiably to an unoccupied seat, and scrambles into it. The passengers love her, and even the bus drivers have a fond spot in their hearts for her.

Arriving at her stop, she gets off the bus, trots down to the dog park, and passes the time in some easy-going, tree-trunk sniffing until Jeff catches up with her. With such devotion from passengers and her other fans, Eclipse is fast becoming another wonder landmark of the Seattle downtown scene.

(Image courtesy of KOMO News Facebook via Associated Press YouTube)

Caution:  Many cities do not allow dogs on buses unless they are service dogs. Even if they are allowed, it’s neither safe nor advisable, to let your dog ride a bus alone; each pet should be on-leash and accompanied by an owner. Apparently, Eclipse is special.

Note: The “Overcoming Grief” article is being postponed again. I’m sorry about that…I seem to need a little longer before I can write about it. I will let you know when I have finished the article, or part of it before I publish it. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep to a more regular schedule with interesting stories of dogs and other pets around the world. If there is something you would like to hear about, let me know, and I’ll do my best to oblige. 



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